Dating through relatives

Welcome to AllJmatch!

Alljmatch is a new dating website for all religious levels, this has never been seen before. On our website, we help your loved ones find their perfect match.

You may ask how does our website differentiate from other dating websites. Our agency utilizes employing a mediator, such as family members like parents, siblings or even close friends. All you need to do is to set up your profile account and start looking for a match suitable for your loved one.

With us there is no need for a matchmaking form!

רובין לו, 58 years old, Kfar Saba, Israel
Sarah, 26 years old, Melbourne, USA
Yonatan, 56 years old, Ramat HaSharon, Israel
Natan, 41 years old, Fort Myers, USA
לינוי, 22 years old, Miami, USA
Zev, 57 years old, Giv‘at Shemu’el, Israel
איתי בן דוד, 24 years old, Rishon LeZiyyon, Israel
שי, 23 years old, Tel Aviv, Israel
אור, 59 years old, Tel Aviv, Israel
Natan Ecabert, 27 years old, Jerusalem, Israel
איציק, 19 years old, Tel Aviv, Israel
Asaf, 26 years old, Jerusalem, Israel
נאור מכבי, 40 years old, Holon, Israel
Orel, 29 years old, Houston, USA
אשר, 34 years old, Ramat Gan, Israel
יצחק ניסני, 68 years old, Tel Aviv, Israel
נס, 60 years old, Austin, USA
דודי, 55 years old, Bat Yam, Israel
favour, 25 years old, Castries, Saint Lucia
Joseph, 58 years old, Ariel, Israel
בתאל, 25 years old, Tirat Karmel, Israel
GAL PAZ, 49 years old, Los Angeles, USA
שושי מלך, 42 years old, Tel Aviv, Israel
Rivka, 60 years old, San Fernando, USA
אילן, 49 years old, Haifa, Israel
Desa, 31 years old, Herzliyya, Israel
Marina, 47 years old, Karmi’el, Israel
שיראל יוזף, 32 years old, Haifa, Israel
Rosy, 44 years old, Giv‘atayim, Israel
Gal, 30 years old, Saint Kilda, Australia