5 tips for the perfect profile:

1) Write about the person you’re doing this for.

Take time and thought to fill the profile because it allows the other matchmakers to get to know the person behind the picture. Keep it positive, short and simple. Emphasize their best qualities, tell about their hobbies and occupation and yet keep the other matchmakers intrigued.

2) Upload a picture (only if approved).

Researches show that a profile with an open picture gets more applications. That’s why it’s important to upload a clear, flattering photo. There’s nothing like first impression!

3. Fill the profile with all the details.

A full profile shows how serious your loved one is about this. The fuller the profile, the easier it is to get to know the person. In addition , your answers are the key for us and the other matchmakers to find you the best match. Remember, when you look through other profiles, you’ll probably skip the ones with less information.

4. Write about your loved ones wills and wishes.

Such as: qualities their looking for in their spouse, the things that matter to them in a relationship, their love goals. Avoid verbose writing. It might be deterring due to a big amount of expectations.

5. Public or private?

When you select private, no one can see your profile, means less applications. You may miss great matches. It’s yours to decide, but we strongly recommend to go public.