About Us

Alljmatch is a new dating website for all religious levels, this has never been seen before. On our website, we help your loved ones find their perfect match.‏

You may ask how does our website differentiate from other dating websites. Our agency utilizes employing a mediator, such as family members like parents, siblings or even close friends. All you need to do is to set up your profile account and start looking for a match suitable for your loved one‏.

The purpose of our matchmaking website is to find matches for serious users only‏. Many successful, smart, intelligent, charming people cannot find a partner and have long since given up on dating websites, for various reasons. Most of these people socialize in a small familiar circle and don’t get the opportunity to look beyond that, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

We created this platform exactly for this reason, we would like to expand your loved one’s circle of friends enhancing their likelihood of finding someone special. In this platform, you will get to know the match’s mediator yourself‏.

Our website is not a matchmaker and we are not matchmakers and our platform is not associated with any matchmakers‏. You are the matchmaker, and you are one who communicates with other matchmakers who have the same goal as you‏.

Number of found profiles: 450
קרן, 38 years old, Woman, Netanya, Israel New 0
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Yuval, 58 years old, Man, Los Angeles, USA 3
ritter, 35 years old, Woman, West Jerusalem, Israel 0
סשה דוידוב, 28 years old, Man, Sederot, Israel 1
עילית תמיר, 41 years old, Woman, Giv‘at Shemu’el, Israel 0
Ester, 65 years old, Woman, Chania, Greece 0
Kimay, 41 years old, Woman, Tel Aviv, Israel 0
טוני, 66 years old, Woman, Herzliyya, Israel 0
catherine777, 30 years old, Woman, Lokbatan, Azerbaijan 0
ענת, 55 years old, Woman, Petaẖ Tiqwa, Israel 3
Maayan, 30 years old, Woman, Montreal, Canada 0
נופר, 19 years old, Woman, Or Yehuda, Israel 0
רונית הוזגלו, 49 years old, Woman, Haifa, Israel 0
Batel, 36 years old, Man, Qiryat Gat, Israel 0
sarahritter, 30 years old, Woman, Tel Aviv, Israel 0
Shahar, 44 years old, Man, Tel Aviv, Israel 0