9 advantages of AllJmatch you won’t find anywhere else

  1. Innovation- a new kind of dating website allowing you to find a potential partner for your loved ones in the traditional way ,to open to a new social circle of people just like you, who are looking for a mate for their loved ones
  2. Here the profile is the matchmaker’s- a parent, friend, relative. You know best for the people you love and know what they like/dislike. Plus you get to know the chosen person’s family, who are also the matchmaker on the other side
  3. Breaking the ice- the embarrassment of the sentence “can I set you up with my son?” How many times have we seen a nice girl and were too shy to ask. In here it’s all about the good will to find a great match
  4. Modesty- many People are too shy to put themselves out there, it is just not who they are. This type of people can find their solution here, where they don’t need to talk themselves up. You, the matchmaker does that for them
  5. They just can’t find the time- the reasons people often wants to meet a person through a relative or friend change from each person. Some are shy, some are just too busy working or studying to look on dating websites. This website is the perfect solution, the people who cares about them just does that for them
  6. We’re all serious in here- in most websites some turn out as people are looking for a casual relationship, nothing to commit for. It’s redundant to mention how disappointing these things are sometimes. Here we all have the same goal, to find the perfect match for our loved one and help them start their future together. It is definitely not for everyone.
  7. Preserving the tradition- in the past, traditional matchmaking was made by the close group of the people you love, and the social circle was a lot bigger. Today the reality changed and the circles became smaller, and so is the amount of people you meet in the mean of starting a family. Our site expands the circle and combines tradition with the current way of meeting new people, through the social media
  8. Our purpose is to help you help your loved ones build a home and family and to give you another platform to help your loved ones meet a potential partner, we aim to establish a pool of people from which you can find a special potential partner for your loved ones
  9. Save it- needless to say that today there are plenty of programs for dating: websites, apps, matchmakers, speed date and more. They all cost money, sometimes too much of it. Here you decide whether too stay in the free program or pay and get the premium account, which allows you to communicate with whoever you want in a reasonable price you can afford

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