Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to operated by KIDUMEDIA (hereinafter collectively: “The Site”) a new venture with a Jewish character that allows anyone to look for a spouse for their loved ones.

These terms of use refer to both sexes and are written in male language for convenience only but must be read as though they were written in female language as well.

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are translated from their Hebrew language version as they appear on the Site. The Site bears no responsibility for any translation problems arising from incorrect translation and in any event of a contradiction between the Hebrew version of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and the English version of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy the Hebrew version shall prevail.

We respect the privacy of Site’s Users and to better understand what information we collect and what we do or may do with the information and  how we use and/or may use it, please read carefully this Privacy Policy.

If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you are requested not to use the Site and not to subscribe to its Services.

In this Privacy Policy, the following terms shall have the following meanings:

Site” – Web Site and / or Site Operator K-MEDIA and / or Site Management and / or Site Owners and / or anyone on their behalf, including, but not limited to, shareholders, directors, managers, officers, , successors, employees, internal and / or external consultants, agents and anyone acting on their behalf.

User” – anyone who use and / or view and / or browse the Site using any smart device and / or computer and / or any other means (whether through the Internet or any other means of communication) for any purpose and / or information found on the Site, directly or indirectly, as registered User, unregistered User, subscriber, User etc.

Related Person” – Any person for whom the User opens a User Profile  on the Site to search for a spouse for that person for the purpose of introduction and/or Acquaintance as defined below.

Personal Information” – Personal information of the User and / or the Related Person which includes, inter alia, full name, age, area of residence, marital status, education, occupation, photo, contact information and any other content or media uploaded to the server and/or obtained as a result of the User’s use of the Site , personal preferences, personal texts and / or any information that directly or indirectly, or in connection with any other information include a personal identification number that allow identification and / or identified with any person.

Information” and / or “Content” – any information and / or content of any kind, including but not limited to personal information, images, videos, texts, publications, photographs, marks, symbols, figurines, illustrations, animations, applications, Software, files, codes, data and / or any visual and / or verbal and / or audio and / or other video content (collectively and / or separately and / or in whole or in part) including, but not limited to, its manner of presentation, design, editing, publishing, distributing, etc. and / or any other information in any form whatsoever.

Profile” or “User Profile” – a virtual card opened by the User by registering on the Site containing Personal Information and Information about the User and the Related Person, including pictures, personal preferences, personal texts and any other information provided by the User.

Social Networks” – Google and / or Facebook and / or Wattsap and / or Instagram and / or Telegram and / or Linkadin and / or any other existing and / or future social networking formats.

Acquaintance” – any relationship and / or interaction of any kind whatsoever between the Users among themselves and / or between the Users and any third party and / or between any Related Person and any of the Users and / or between any Related Person to another Related Person. and / or any connection between any person with any other third party that is directly or indirectly related to and / or resulting from the Site.

Usage Information” – Information collected by the Site, inter alia, through automated means through this Site (or third-party services used on this Site) which may include, inter alia: The IP addresses or domain names used by the Site’s Users, the URIs, the request time, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the files received as a response, the numerical code representing the server response (successful action, error, etc.), country of origin, browser features and operating system used by the User, information on each time the User visit the Site (including the time spent on each page of the Site), Information and/or Content that you created and / or published on the Site, Information and/or Content and / or advertisements and / or User’s Profile you viewed or browsed and / or Users you have contacted through the Site and / or queries and / or searches you have made and / or User’s Profile   and / or Users and / or services that you find interest in and / or the extent and frequency or of their use and / or the practice and the manner of use of the Site and / or the details of the track within the Site with reference to the sequence of pages visited and additional parameters regarding the device operating system or the User Information technology environment.

Subject of Information” – the person to whom the Information refers to.

Information Processor (or Responsible for Information)” – the person, authority, agency, or other entity, together or individually, who determines the purposes and means of processing Personal Information, including the safeguards in relation to the operation and use of the Site. The Controller of the Information, unless stated otherwise, is the Site and / or any third party appointed by the Site.

Service” – any service provided by the Site

Privacy policy

All information collected by the Site is in accordance with this Privacy Policy and subject to the laws of the State of Israel.

This Site collects certain Information and details about the User and / or the Related Person. Wherever there is a reference to the User’s Information, it will also include Information of the Related Person.

By submitting Information of a  third party (including Personal Information and personal details), you represent and warrant and acknowledge that you have obtained its express and explicit and informed consent to provide its Information and the use of such Information including Personal Information and personal details) by the Site as stated in the Site’s Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. In particular, you acknowledge and warrant that by registering with the Site you have obtained the consent of the Related Person to registering the Site and submitting Information and posting Information about the Related Person (including Personal Information and personal details).

This Privacy Policy explains the Site’s policy regarding the use of Information provided by the Site’s Users as part of the use of the Site and the Services offered therein.

Different privacy standards may apply to different Users, and therefore broader standards may apply to some Users.

Please note – the User is not required by law to provide any Information about the User and / or the Related Person, and the providing of Information by the User depends on the User’s wishes and consent and subject to the User obtaining explicit and informed consent from the Related Person for submission Information about the Related Person to the Site. However, it is possible that without the providing the required Information and / or the submitting  of partial and / or incorrect Information and / or inaccuracies etc. We may not be able to provide the Services to you through the Site. Mandatory fields that the User is required to fill will be explicitly marked.

The Site may change the Privacy Policy at any time, and such change will be effective immediately upon publication on the Site under the Privacy Policy. We encourage you to review the Privacy Policy at any time You use the Site to know what Information is collected and how the Information (including Personal Information) is collected and the manner in which Information (including Personal Information) collect with regards to the User and/or the Related Person is used by the Site.

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Site’s “Terms of Use”. By using the Site, the User expresses his explicit and informed consent to the uses made of the Information collected as set out in this Privacy Policy.

Full Policy

The use of the Site involves the registration of the User and the Related Person Information. Among which the User is required to provide the following Information about the User and the Related Person, which includes, inter alia, Personal Information as defined above, as well as Information that is defined as “sensitive information” by law (eg: full name, place of residence, Education, Areas of Practice, etc.

The Use of the Site requires the disclosure of Information and / or Content and / or the User’s Profile that includes Personal Information about the User and the Related Person, as well as User’s Information from other Users and / or other Related Person and / or any other third party and you should not have any expectation of their confidentiality and / or privacy.

You agree that Site’s Users can view your User Profile and that The Site, in its sole discretion, will display the User Profile and / or use the images within your User Profile on the Site. In addition, the Site may, at its sole discretion, make use of the images within on the  User Profile on the Site’s homepage (you may ask not to appear on the Main Page). In addition, some User Profile’s will also appear in the search results upon logging in to the Site by Users who are not yet registered. In addition, the Site may allow third parties to view your User Profile on any electronic means, whether or not they are registered Users of the Site. The Site will not be liable for any damage and/or insult and/or or loss of any kind whatsoever caused to the User / or a Related Person and / or anyone on his behalf and / or any other third party as a result of which. the User and / or any one on his behalf and / or the Related Person and / or any other third party shall not and will not make any claim and / or demand and/or suit and/or action and/or proceeding of any kind whatsoever against the Site this regards including in connection with the transmission of such Information (either directly or indirectly) and / or any other matter arising therefrom (whether directly or indirectly).

Your and / or the Related Person identifying Information (full name, contact details, address) will not be disclosed to the other Users unless you choose to disclose it to them.

The Site may allow the User to share Information / Content from the Site via different Social Networks or any other third party. It is hereby clarified and emphasized that such sharing is done solely on the responsibility of the User and is not related to the Site and subject to the contractual agreements with such Social Networks or any other third party, including the terms of use and privacy policy of those Social Networks or third parties. It is hereby clarified that these contracting agreements are not on behalf of the Site and this Privacy Policy does not apply to the operation and / or use of the Social Networks and the User is solely responsible for accepting the terms set out in these engagement agreements with those third parties.

Use of Cookies

The Site uses “Cookies”. Cookies are Strings of letters and numbers, which are stored in the computer’s memory (or device), allowing the User Information to be saved. Inter ilia, they contain Information about the User’s browsing habits, the pages they visited and their length of stay, the User’s access ways  for websites the  User browsed, monitoring of browsing and activity habits, the User’s ISP information, IP address, geographical location and more. Some of which are necessary for proper operation of the Site, some are used for evaluation and analysis purposes, and some are used to personalize marketing and advertising Content that will be presented to the User.

Some “cookies” will expire when the User finishes browsing and close the browser and others will be saved in the User’s computer (or device) memory. any User can, by changing the settings in the web browser the User use, set what types of “Cookies” will be triggered during the User use of the browser, delete, or completely stop using them. It should be noted that blocking all “cookies” may have negatively impact the convenience of using many Sites, including this Site.

Third-party advertisements – As long as there are advertising ads on the Site, they come from the computers of the third Parties that advertise the ads. For the purpose of managing their advertisements, these third Parties place “cookies” and “web beacons” or other files with a unique identifier, which are planted on web pages and aim to assist in gathering Information about the viewing and use of the webSites (including the Site). The Information does not identify you, but merely seeks to tailor the advertisements presented to you with the topics that interest you. This use by those third parties is governed by their privacy policy and not the Site Privacy Policy. If you would like to review the privacy policies of those third-party, you will need to independently review them.

The Collected Information

During use of the Site, Information obtained from the User related to the User and / or the Related Person is collected and stored. Among witch The Usage Information as defined above. Among the Information collected on this Site, directly or through a third party such as: “Cookies”, includes (including but not limited to) Personal Information and Information as defined above, useful information, Information transmitted when using a service such as a first name, last name, telephone number, address, country, State, PO Box, City, and any additional Information that the User enters when using the Site regarding the User and / or the Related Person. As well as Information about visits, use, and activity on the Site (e.g., number of visits, visit times, services / products purchased and / or viewed, Information contained in messages sent to the Site via email, etc.), including but not limited to IP, User’s way of access to the Site , geographical location etc.

When using the Site, links to external pages may appear, such as advertisements, banners, links etc. To the extent that you be able to use those  links to other Sites or services, if you choose to use them, once used, you will be subject to the terms of use and privacy policies of those third parties and you should review and read their  terms of use and privacy policies of those Sites before using them.

Full details of each type of Personal Information collected are indicated in the dedicated sections of this Privacy Policy.

Information may be provided by the User, or in case of Usage Information, is automatically collected when using the Site.

Unless otherwise stated. All Information required on the Site is mandatory, and failure to provide the Information means that the Site will not be able to provide its Services. In cases where the Site explicitly states that the Information is not mandatory, the User may not provide it, without consequences for the operation of the Site and its Services.

Anyone who is unsure of what Information is required is encouraged to contact the Site as detailed herein.

Any use of “cookies” – or any tracking tools – by the Site or any third-party services through the Site is used for the purpose of providing the User’s service. In addition for any other use described in the Terms of Use and / or this Privacy Policy and / or the “Cookies” policy, if exist.

The Users are responsible for all their and / or the Related Person and / or any other third parties Information that received and / or published and / or delivered through Site, and declare, warrant and acknowledge that they obtained the express informed consent of the Related Person and / or any other third party to provide the Information to the Site.

You agree and acknowledge that the Site may collect and utilize Information processor and / or any other third party for the purpose of gathering information, and performing Information  analysis in connection with the use of the Site (of any kind, whether directly or indirectly), including anonymous, aggregate, statistical information. It should be noted that most of these are collected automatically at the Site’s servers using “log” files.

Explicit and Informed Consent to Use the Information

By default, in registering to the Site the User approve receiving information, updates and anything publicized as defined in the provisions of section 30A of the Communications Law (Bezeq and Broadcasting), 1982, via email and / or by any contact information provided by the User to the Site (directly or Indirectly) when the User signs up for the Site and / or every time the User contacts the Site (whether within or outside the Site). The User may revoke this agreement at any time and notify the Site of User’s refusal to accept advertisements in accordance with the instructions within the advertisement sent to the User (“Notice to Opt-Out“).

As long as no cancellation notice was delivered to the Site, the Site may legally use the User’s Information as logged to the Site and / or transfer User’s Information  to third parties in order to show the Users to relevant updates and / or relevant marketing material on any communication channels and / or media.

You agree and approve that whenever you provide contact information (including your telephone number) whether by entering them on the Site and / or otherwise), such Information  will be stored in the Site’s database and may be used by the Site for any future needs, including when sending an advertisement. The Site may use User’s Information  to send information leaflets that do not constitute an advertisement.

If you wish to be remove from the e-mail database and not receive notifications and email with advertisement. click here.

Users can completely remove and delete all User Information in their Personal Profile, the Site is not responsible for any event any Information or User account is deleted as a result of this action.

You represent, warrant, agree and acknowledge that you know that we may use the Information  for one or more of the following purposes:

For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby clarified that the Site and / or anyone on its behalf may use the Personal Information for the purposes of contacting and / or sending messages and / or updates, even if a Notice to Opt-Out has been provided, provided that such messages will not advertisement.

It is hereby emphasized that this Privacy Policy applies solely to Information  collected by the Site. The Site have no control over any Information  and / or privacy policies of any other third party. Please note that some Services on the Site may be managed by third parties. These Services are provided through the computers of those third parties. during your use of these Services you may be asked to provide Personal Information or Information  about you may be collected. The use of this Information  is governed by the privacy policies of those third parties and not the Site’s Privacy Policy, so please know that in any event you provide Information  and / or Information  about you will be collected by any other third party (whether while using this Site and / or any other webSite) You are subject to their privacy policy and are advised to read and review it.

The Personal Information of a User and / or the Related  Person will not be provided without your consent to any other third party, for the purposes of it direct marketing and / or anyone on its behalf and / or any other third party.

Legal Basis for Processing and Use of Information

The Site (and / or anyone on its behalf) may use and / or process Information  provided by the User if one of the following applies:

In any event, the Site will happily assist in clarifying the specific legal basis applicable to the processing, especially if the delivery of the Personal Information is in accordance with a constitutional or contractual requirement, or a mandatory contract requirement.

More Information About Personal Information

The Service is not aimed at children under 18 years of age.

You acknowledge and warrant that you and the Related Person are adults in accordance with the applicable law. Non-adults cannot use this Site.

The Site is not responsible for the User rights and / or the User Information  and / or data entered when registering for the Site, if a User is exposed to Personal Profile that is not approved by the User, the User may ask the Site team to remove this Profile and its details, the Site team will verify and, if necessary, suspend and/or delete the Profile completely if the verification process will prove the thrustless of the User claim.

User Rights

A User may apply certain rights in connection with the Information  processed by the Site.

Users who are eligible for broader protection standards can apply all the rights listed below. In other cases, the User may address the Site and ask which  of these rights apply to him.

According to Israeli law, in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law, 1981, Act, every person is entitled to read the Information  collected about him held in a database. A person who has observed the Information  collected about him and found that it to be incorrect, incomplete, not clear or not up to date, may apply to the Site and request to correct the Information  or delete it  in accordance with and as stated herein.

In particular, Users have the right to take the following actions:

  • . Users have the right to revert to their previous consent to receive mailings, marketing offers, and to process their Personal Information.
  • . Users have the right to object to the processing of Information  provided by them, if the processing is done on a different legal basis than the consent given by the User. More details in the section below.
  • . Users have the right to view their Information , know whether the Information  is processed by the Site, receive Information  on certain aspects of the processing, and obtain a copy of the Information  that is processed.
  • . Users have the right to verify the Information  and request its update or correction in the event that the Information  is found to be incorrect and / or complete and / or not up to date.
  • . In some cases, Users have the right to restrict Information  processing. In this case, the Site will not process the User’s Information  except for the purpose of retaining it.
  • . In some cases, Users have the right to delete or remove Information  related to them by the Site. If a request is made to erase the Information , the Site retains its right to keep, Personal Information, positioning Information ,  and metadata stored in its database. A User who wishes to delete the data will send a request to the Site and the Site will make efforts to delete it. however, this may not be available immediately from a technical point of view. Deleting Information  may prevent the User from continuing to use the Site and may result in the registration being canceled.
  • . Users have the right to receive their Information  in a structured format that is spaced and readable through automation and, to the extent technically feasible, request its transfer to another entity without prevention. This section is applicable only to the extent that the Information  is processed by automated means and the processing is based on the User’s consent, an agreement signed by the User (including the Terms Of Use) or which is part of the related pre-contractual obligations.
  • . Users have the right to file a complaint with the appropriate data protection authority.

More About Processing and Gathering of Information

Transfer of Information  to third parties

The Site may transfer Information  and/or allow accesses to a third party in any of the following cases:

Any use of Information  about the User and / or the Related Person by a third parties is at their sole responsibility. The Site will not bear any responsibility whatsoever for any use whatsoever in connection with such use (whether directly or indirectly) by any third party.

Legal action

The Site may use the Information  (including Personal Information) of the User (including the Related Person and/or any other third parties Information ) to protect, establish, or defend its legal rights including the use of the Information  (including the Personal Information) in the event of any dispute and / or claim and / or demand and / or legal process , or prior legal action, including but not limited to legal proceedings arising from improper use of the Site or related Services.

The User declares, warrant and acknowledge that the Site may be required to disclose the Information  (including Personal Information) at the request of the state authorities, enforcement agencies and / or by any law and / or judicial order.

You acknowledge, declare , warrant and confirm that the Site, if necessary, at its sole discretion, have the right to transfer Information  to law enforcement authorities and / or law enforcement agencies in accordance with the provisions of any law and / or judicial order and / or for investigative and / or factfinding purposes and / or inquiriesin connection with inappropriate activity and/or suspected misconduct and / or improper and / or illegal and / or infringement the provisions of any law including but not limited in cases of suspected fraud, infringement of intellectual property rights or in any event that would expose the Site or the User to legal liability.

International Transfer of Information

The Site (inter alia for the purpose of cloud storage) may transfer Information (including Personal Information) about the User and / or provided by the User (including in connection with the Related Person) outside the jurisdiction of the State of Israel where the data protection laws are not as extensive as in the State of Israel. The Information  collected may be transferred to the following countries, which do not have data protection laws that are compatible with those operating in the European Economic Area: the United States of America, Russia, Japan, China, and India, and you hereby expressly consent to the transfer of Information and the retention of Information outside of Israel.

In addition to the Information  contained in this Privacy Policy, the Site may provide the User with additional and contextual Information  regarding specific Services, and/or the collection and processing of Personal Information upon request.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

The Site reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy which will  take effect immediately. If possible in the event a material changes are made, notice to Site’s Users shall be provided and / or to the extent technically and legally applicable, by a notice, through the User’s contact information  provided by the User to the Site. It is strongly recommended that you check this page frequently, taking note of the last update date listed at the end of the document.

Use of the Site by the User after the Privacy Policy was updated constitute a Statement of Confirmation and consent to the Updated Privacy Policy. To the extent that you do not agree to any of its terms, you should cease any use of Site. The Site may require but does not have to seek re-consent to the Privacy Policy in the event of a change.

If the changes are related to the processing activities performed on the basis of the User’s approval, if required the Site will obtain the User’s approval.

Contact Information

For any question and / or clarification and / or request and / or complaint regarding this Privacy Policy our representative is at your disposal you are welcome to contact us at:

Limitation of Liability

The use of the Site constitutes your consent that Information (including the Personal Information) uploaded by the User will be stored on the Sites’ servers for the purpose of using the Site. Please note that transmission and/or  Information  to and from the Site is not confidential. The responsibility for keeping the Information confidential is at the sole responsibility of the User.

In addition, under certain circumstances, another third party may receive or connect to transmissions and / or private communications, or another User may misuse the Information . Therefore, as stated above, we cannot guarantee, and you should not expect that the Information (including Personal Information) or your private communications (and/or of the Related Person) will always remain private. The Site will take reasonable precautions (as far as possible in a reasonable manner), to secure Information about the User (including Information regarding to the Related Person and / or other third party, however since the Site allows operations on the World Wide Web, complete protection of the Information  cannot be guaranteed. and the Site cannot guarantee that it will be able to prevent intrusions and / or hacking and / or the exposure of the stored Information  and / or ensure that such Information  does not reach (including User and / or Related Person’s Information ) to third parties who obtain it without the consent of the Site.

The Site will not be held liable for any event of disclosure and / or misuse by unauthorized third parties (including without limitation any responsibility for any Information  that is hacked or stolen from the system and /or in the event of negligence by the third party which hosts the Site) and the User and / or any one on his behalf and / or the Related Person and / or any other third party shall not and will not have any claim and / or demand and/or suit and/or action and/or proceeding of any kind whatsoever against the Site in this matter and / or any other matter arising therefrom (whether directly or indirectly) and hereby dismiss the Site from any liability and/or warranties of any kind related to any injury or damage or loss (whether directly or indirectly), financial or otherwise, caused to the User and / or the Related Party and / or any other third party as a result of any disclosure (in whole or in part) regardless of the manner and / or form and / or the reason for which it was exposed.

The Site is not responsible and makes no representations or warranties that there will be no performance errors in securing the Site (including the privacy of the Information and/or Personal Information of the User and/or the Related Person and/or any other third party) and that the Site will operate without interruption, that malfunctions will be corrected, and that it will be free of, bugs, viruses, hardware problem, hostile and / or malicious software that may cause harm to the User, etc. and / or that the data will be secure and stored despite its efforts. The Site will not be liable for any damage and / or loss that may occur due to circumstances beyond its control, including disruption or technical malfunction (including software or Site code issues) and / or loss of Information  stored on the Site, and any damage that may result from the terminating the Site operations (whether temporarily or permanently).

The Site preform reasonable efforts to secure the transmitted and / or received Information , but You herby declares and agrees that the Site cannot completely secure the Information  system against unauthorized use and / or unauthorized intrusions and shall not be held liable in the event of disclosure and/or use of the Information  provided by the User (whether this is Information  regarding the User and/or the Related Person and/or any other third party).

The Site will not be held responsible for any damages of any kind whatsoever (direct or indirect) in connection with the use and / or disclosure of the Information and/or Personal Information of the User and/or the Related Person and/or any other third party, including but not limited to any disclosure of Personal Information due to errors, unauthorized access by third parties and / or any other reason beyond its control. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Site will not be held liable beyond the protection to which it is bound by this Agreement (subject to Israeli law) and beyond the reasonable protection under the circumstances.

The Site may use the services of third parties for advertising and / or marketing purposes that will display Ads by the Site, across the World Wide Web. These can collect Information  about the Users visits to the Site and / or use the collected Information  to advertise and / or market products of other third parties The Site will not be liable for any damage of any kind whatsoever (direct or indirect) in connection with the use of such Information  by third parties.

February 2020