What is your search platform‏?

Our users are the matchmakers, our platform is set up for people just like you who are looking for a spouse for your loved ones. We have a stockpile of potential people who can be approached by a third party of their own‏.

How does it work‏?

‏For example, I am a mother looking for a match for my son. I set up a profile and fill in the details I know about my son, what he wants and what he is looking for. Upload a picture (not mandatory) and you are ready to go. Our system will know how to identify the profile that matches specifically to your son. Immediately you will receive the matching profiles. You do not speak directly to the match, but to their matchmaker (just like you) who could be the father, mother, uncle, friend, people with the same goal of finding a mate for their loved ones‏.

How are we different from other sites?

What sets us apart from other dating sites is that the user who sets up the profile is the mediator, mom, dad, sister, brother, uncle or friend. You are the one who opens the profiles and you are the one who looks for a match for your loved ones‏.

Can a user set up a profile for himself/herself without a mediator?

No‏, this is not possible, only a family member or a friend may set up the account. We believe they know best what their loved one is looking for and we are sure you will do a great job‏ .

Are our site’s purpose for serious relationships and wedding-related purposes only?

Yes, we want it to be clear that we accept everyone who is looking for serious relationships. The difference between us and other platforms is that on other dating sites, are a lot of people who only want casual relationships. Needless to say, the disappointment that our loved ones go through on both sides, is just not easy. At our site, everyone has the same clear goal, they wish to start a family and build a home together. Not everyone is suitable to join our site, therefore we ensure that those who register with us have the intention of a serious relationship and a desire to establish a devoted home and a happy family‏.

‏Can we set up an account on your site without completely knowing our loved one?

The answer is no. Firstly, do not set up a profile without your loved ones’ permission. Second, your loved one must be included in the process, we recommend that you share with them all the details you fill out on their profile. You must get their approval for any potential match as they are a full part of this process‏.

Are you a matchmaking agency‏?

No. We are not a matchmaking agency and we have no matchmakers on our site. We do not associate with matchmakers, that role belongs only to you‏. 

Should we create a paid membership‏ account?

That is your own decision, we do offer free profile accounts, but that option is limited to only some of our services‏.

If I purchased a certain package, will I be able to change it in the future‏?

Of course, your account may be upgraded or downgraded on your personal profile section‏.

If I found a match, can I delete the profile afterward‏?

Of course, just go to “settings” and delete the profile. It’s important to understand that once deleting your profile, all your data will be erased and will not be able to be restored‏.